ENGLISH-PART II: Yapress for Dummies





  • You say: «Those jobs, can be purchased as a product or service or as a service live. Our platform acts in supply and demand mode  in order for managers to have access to an endless amount of journalists and collaborators who in return will gain visibility and economic compensation for their work., almost instantly , «By services live you mean that the journalist, collaborator/communicator would be hired on an hourly basis for example, for an event or on a particular location?


Exactly, full or part time in order to cover an event.


  • What does a journalist needs to be a Yaper?


To have a mobile and desire to tell stories.



  • Can other professionals as bloggers, online marketers or even youtubers be Yapers ?.


Today, anyone can act as a journalist or as a communicator. Anyone who’s talented with new technologies and social media can thrive to be successful. The deeper change that we aim to achieve is to go from a competitive environment to a cooperative one.






  • Which are the conditions that must meet a Yaper and why economic compensation would be almost instantaneous?

No special conditions other than passion and desire to tell stories. On the other hand about instant economic compensation, we have designed a system to ensure payment. In order to download a file the media/news agency must have balance.

In just a few seconds and automatically, the money will arrive into the yaper bank account and he/she will be notified by mail.



  • Yapress Journalists will be on the payroll or they remain freelancer or would there be different types of contracts?


There will be different types of contracts and there will be also frelancers. Nevertheless our intention is to have full time journalist on the payroll.



  • Why you put it, almost like a change of paradigm in journalism?


In this philosophy we call YAP, the focus change and now the center is the consumer not as a client but as protagonist (prosumer).

The goals of this specialization of roles are credibility and the closeness, almost like a friend who is helping us to know all the details about the news but more than anything, we want to understand  in-depth   the importance of what is happening.




  • How many Yapers are part of the community Yapress?

On the platform they are registered more than three hundred.


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  • Is there currently a community of online and/or offline Yapers where they can all get together in order to exchange ideas?



We are creating a group about journalism within a MEETUP platform called:  “ Towards a new journalistic ecosystem worthwhile for all “  where  96 people have already joined in those first three months :




  • What do you mean by «redistribution of monitoring  tasks?


In this ecosystem we divide clearly the roles of the journalist and the ones of the communicator; the journalist analyzes and studies the best way to tell a story from a general point of view, and the communicator by being more approachable and with a concrete knowledge gives what immediacy has to offer.




  • You mentioned in «Where we are now:  The main uploads are from journalist students from different universities and institutions.”In relation of   what you mentioned above about senior journalists, do they not upload content also?


I am a yaper, manager, mentor and administrator.

We are all Yapers and what’s really important is to have something to share, to tell, and obviously to have yapress app install in your mobile.

This is why you will be able to download / download content immediately but not for free. Of course we will take into account the tasks specialization and our individual roles within the platform.




  • Why would a senior journalist with great work experience collaborate with Yapress?


Because it will allow him to share his/her knowledge and professional experience and because it he/she will be able to mentor and manage projects that he/she wouldn’t not be able to do otherwise.

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  • In this project can juniors learn from the experience and knowledge of senior journalists? How?


By the relationship and direct training of managers and collaborators in each of the channels. In each channel you can find different videos with tips and training but more importantly is the interactions via telephone, video conference or face to face meetings.


old young


  • Are there plans to mentor young graduates?



  • Can younger professionals have a mentor available for  them, in order to guide them in the start of their  journalistic professional career?


At first it will happen occasionally but the goal is to have it in a consistently manner.




  • Would Yapress collaborate with tv or / and youtubers?


Because it’s a collaborative, participative concept it remains open to any collaboration.




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