ENGLISH-PART I: Yapress for Dummies


Yapress for dummies

In this post we are interviewing Carlos Sanchez Herrero, founder of Yapress.

We spoke about his project in order to understand it in his essence, the mission, philosophy and how it really works.


I Jornada del Seminario de Periodismo: “Comunicando en la red”
I Jornada del Seminario de Periodismo: “Comunicando en la red”***

Carlos Sanchez-Herrero is a TV producer for TVE ( national state-owned public-service television broadcaster in Spain)  in 1982. By this time he was part of the  exciting challenge of launching Antena 3 (Antena 3 – Spanish tv channel) .

antena 3

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Equipo fundador de YAPRESS?


  • What is Yapress? 


It’s a platform that provides to digital media agencies content made by people (journalist or communicators) from their mobiles in order to be the voice of the street with the possibility of doing it live.





  • By Digital media agencies you mean communication agencies, marketing agencies, digital newspapers?


Mixed newspapers,  radios and digital tv or even blogs.Actually I think we’re in the middle of a deep transformation aimed towards a comprehensive concept of communication, where immediacy and multichannel broadcasts will make the difference in terms of format and credibility and specialized niches.




  • Why those agencies would buy videos to Yapress and not to other communication agencies?

I think those are different services, but if a local media had to choose I would say because of price, immediacy, accuracy and independence, and I would add that the main reason is to invest in their future.


  • What is the average length of Yapress videos? 

We offer three types; one where we offer separate pieces (10-30 seconds) so the agency can tailor edit it, another one (2nd) edited and ready to use  (between 1 and 3 min.) , if it’s  an order it can reach up to 10 minutes and the third one called customizations (5 to 20 sec) consisting of intros and personalized goodbyes .




  • About the short videos I saw on the web videos from 1 minute or even 30 seconds, what is the newsworthy interest and why those videos would be purchased by such digital media agencies?


Of the three types mentioned above, this is the most versatile because it can be part of an article, a story or a scoop in itself.



  • What is the niche market of Yapress and his specialization?


Our main market are local media, they can buy only what it works for them and this allow them to respond to more news and events.



  • You mentioned that it’s a platform but then, what differentiates Yapress from other online communications agencies?


Precisely the fact that is a cooperative concept.In this case YAPRESS acts as an agent representing the journalist/communicator and only charges 20% to fulfill the role of a manager who publicizes, advises,  coordinates, sells the work and send this economic income directly to your bank account when simultaneously the agency downloads the video from the  server.


  • Do  you consider Yapress also a communication agency, a video producer, news  producer ?


We do not produce videos or news, we try to achieve maximum performance in the communication process of third party products. We are a platform that tries to coordinate the work and initiatives of a lot of people who want to tell stories. To sustain this we propose a reliable and transparent compensation.






  • Why a newly journalism graduate would choose Yapress as their first work experience rather than other media or communication agency?


We try to integrate them from the beginning with equal opportunities and remuneration and they will learn and work with a great number of experienced professionals. They would also have the possibility to promote their products and be noticed by the best media heads and they will part of an important project that will undoubtedly transform the new journalism ecosystem.





  • 3 great differences between Yapress and other large communications/news agencies as “agencia EFE” or Europa Press ?


1.- Percentage of 75 to 80% in sales and auctions

2.- To get paid as soon as the agency downloads the video.

3.- Cooperative approach.



  • What does a freelance journalist wins by collaborating with Yapress.?

In addition to get paid, validation in the media if his/her work is worthy it, he/she will learn from other professionals and the opportunity to be promoted, and to coordinate and optimize his work.


  • What is yapress business model?

The business model is based on charging small fees for services to media and partners.


  • You talk about trying to bring together experience and youth.

On a trip to Germany, I was impressed by the team of three people of different ages in different roles within a large company; the older one was supervising, the middle-aged, one performed the main tasks and the apprentice observed and executed the lighter tasks. In our project it’s essential to bring together the enthusiasm of the youth and the savoir faire of the experienced ones.





  • Where can I see clearly on the web this differentiation (senior/junior)? Where can I identify that it’s about a young or more experience journalist?


Within the platform, we designed a profile verification system for each yaper, with several fields which goes from,  f.e, university degree to association or entity partnership .


  • What is a Yaper? Is it the same as a collaborator? Which are the values and mission of a Yaper?






Confucius said: » Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

This project is more than a platform to access media, is a change of paradigm based on a collaborative philosophy called YAP.


YAP is an acronym for the words You  Are  Press or Yo Ahora Participo ( I now participate).



The mission is to create an ecosystem of collaborative journalism where anyone with the help of  Yapress  app (mobile) , can work with the media together with a group of journalists, videos and/or interventions in different  events and news coverage.




  • We often hear that journalism is dead, that many journalists are influenced by political interests, what does Yapress thinks about it?


We believe that journalism is, more and more, directing itself where the money is «J2M vs M2J» (journalism to money versus money to journalism) mainly because journalists have to make ends meet. I like to make an analogy with the lawn, Grassroots Journalism. If a single strand of grass can be blown away by the  wind or water  this will not happen if heavily rooted .


Grassroots 2





  • You say: «media editors can buy exclusive or shared services”.

You mean that digital media agencies should install Yapress mobile app on their mobile? Or / and in their pc’s? In addition to the mobile application, is there is a pc application?


It is the same app for both  Android and IOS mobile and PC.






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